We love mineral makeup for lots of reasons. But it can be difficult to manage, especially if you like to experiment with your minerals like an artist does with her paints!

Midsize_LoveMinMoreDo you like to mix things into your makeup? Blend your colors to make new ones? Try those samples you purchased online? If this sounds like you, then you’ll love the Minerals Mate Application & Mixing Tray. It also keeps your makeup cleaner because there’s no more double-dipping!

As the first lidded makeup mixing tray, Minerals Mate lets you manage your minerals a better way! Here are three important benefits:


Less mess!


More room to play!


Cleaner makeup!

Are you a professional makeup artist?

Minerals Mate is ideal for the makeup artist on the go! Apply your craft onsite, and when you’re done, your client can have his or her custom makeup available in a handy tray long after the photo shoots or casting calls are over! Get one now!


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your own colors!less makeup mess!more room to play!your makeup cleaner!your minerals more!



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